Why is Water Coming Out of The Showerhead While Filling The Bathtub?

Water coming out of the showerhead can be a big plumbing problem. It first leads to damage to your bathroom ceilings and other things. Other than this the major problem is that it is a complete wastage of water. So, this problem needs to be fixed as soon as you counter it in your bathroom.

So, there can be many reasons due to which water comes out of the showerhead while filling the bathtub. If the water is coming in a large amount, contact your plumber as soon as possible. Plumbing of this can be very complicated so don’t try doing it on your own.


Let’s Look into The Reasons Due to Which This Plumbing Problem Can Occur:

  1. The volume of Water in Shower –

    The first basic reason is that maybe the volume of water in your shower gets overflowed. The overflow of water in your shower can cause pressure on the shower-head due to which water comes out of it. This is the main reason why this problem arises. You should use a pipe with a wider diameter for this to prevent this problem. If you have already been using it then the reason might be something else.
  2. Damage to Water Flow Regulator –

    Water Flow Regulator is a device that is used to control the flow of water as suggested by its name. It is used very commonly these days to manage the flow of water in showers. So, if you have used it for your shower then it can be the reason because it is easy to wear and tear the device. So, it may happen that it has been damaged due to some reason. That’s why the flow of water is high and resulting in water coming out of the shower-head.
  3. Weakening of Diverter –

    The diverter is a device that handles the diverting of the water from the bathtub faucet to the shower-head. This is the reason due to which you can take shower and fill the bathtub in the same place. So, it may be the reason behind coming out of the water from the shower-head. This can happen when the diverter comes out or gets loose. You have to replace it or tighten it according to the need of the diverter.
  4. Loose Fittings –

    If you don’t find any of the above reasons behind the coming out of the water from the shower-head while filling the bathtub then the reason could be the loose fittings of the shower. There can be some loose fittings in the plumbing in your shower. To solve this call your Emergency Plumbers Sydney. The plumber will check all the fittings and fix it for you. It would be difficult for you to judge where the fitting is loose. So, do not try to do it on your own.

Reading this article, you now know that what can be the reasons behind the plumbing problem of the shower-head. So, solve it as soon as you can if you are facing any such issue.